weather shield windows & doors

Weather Shield wanted to build a stronger relationship with industry editors.

Objective: Further Weather Shield Windows & Doors’ relationships with trade magazine and consumer home publication editors while providing editors with in-depth knowledge of the company. Provide editors with an inside look at several different types of manufacturers and their facilities.

Approach: As the company’s public relations agency of record, Renown Marketing Communications proposed partnering with several other building supply companies in the Central Wisconsin area for a three-day educational tour for national and regional trade and consumer publication editors.

Weather Shield Windows & Doors wanted to improve their media presence….

Renown’s Responsibilities:

  • Research and secure complementary partners that would be of interest to editors
  • Meet the objectives of five diverse partner companies
  • Identify media of interest to all partner companies
  • Secure commitments from 10 editors by selling editors on the value of the tour
  • Coordinate lodging, meals and transportation for 20 people
  • Facilitated introductions, presentations and social activities

Results: Renown secured partnerships with Wausau Homes, Sunburst Shutters, Wausau Tile, Featherstone Cabinetry and Cardinal Glass, and coordinated their involvement. Each partner company received coverage from at least one editor who attended, and Weather Shield often receives special requests for information and interviews from the editors who attended. All of the partners expressed interest in participating in future tours.

The variety of manufacturers represented drew the sought-after number of editors, who valued the opportunity to see diverse facilities and products. They learned about new technology, unknown companies and helpful resources over the course of three, well-orchestrated days. The editors gave the tour rave reviews for the variety of content and value for their time. Everyone built professional relationships with ongoing benefits.